Past Exhibits

Arbuckle Gallery at the Pacific Hotel, History Park

Voices of Gold: Santa Clara Valley and the Gold Rush (April-December 1999)
Object Obsession: Collecting the Ordinary and the Extraordinary (September 2000-April 2001)
Valley of Heart’s Delight: From Orchards to Suburbs in Santa Clara Valley (August 2001-June 2002)
Overland: The California Emigrant Trail of 1841-1870 (September 2003-June 2004) (Travelling exhibition by Greg MacGregor, CSU Hayward)
Artists for Hire: Painting for the Market in Santa Clara Valley (July 2004-July 2005)
Speed City: From Civil Rights to Black Power (January-December 2007)
Becoming American in San Jose (January-June 2008)
Home Front: The Santa Clara Valley’s World War II Experience (December 2008-September 2009)
Explore San Jose Parks: Open to the Public Since 1850 (April 2010-March 2011)
Through My Father’s Eyes: The Filipino American Photographs of Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado (1914 – 1976) (July-December 2012) (Travelling exhibition by Janet Alvarado)
Shaped by Water: Past, Present and Future (February-November 2013) (Exhibition curated by the Los Altos History Museum)
Silicon Valley Bikes! Passion, Innovation & Politics Since 1880 (July 2014-July 2015)
The Wireless Age: Electronic Entrepreneurs Before Silicon Valley (1900-1960) (September 2015-July 2016)
Painting the Town: The Work of Rey Giese (September 2016-July 2017)
In the Fields of the North / En los Campos del Norte (September 2017-June 2018)

Leonard and David McKay Gallery at the Pasetta House, History Park

Leonard McKay Collection at the Pasetta House (February 2005-February 2006)
It’s Our Fault Too: The Great Quake of 1906 (April 2006-December 2006)
Manual Valencia: California’s Native Son (February-May 2007) (Travelling exhibition by Hearst Gallery at St. Mary’s College)
Road Trip: The Birth of California Car Culture (July 2007-January 2008) (Joint exhibition with Sourisseau Academy)
Becoming American: Teenagers and Immigration (January-March 2008) (Travelling exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution)
A Breath of Plein Air: Santa Clara Valley Painting by Local Artists (May-September 2008)
She Made It! The Continuing Tradition of Women’s Art and Crafts in the Santa Clara Valley (October 2008-March 2009)
Everyday San Jose: Paintings by Wayne Jiang (November 2009-May 2010)
Celebrating Local Artists: The 5th Anniversary of the McKay Gallery (November 2010-February 2013)
Bear in Mind: The Story of the California Grizzly Bear (May-December 2013) (Travelling exhibition by Exhibit Envoy)
Shirlie Montgomery: Picturing San Jose since 1938 (April-December 2014)
Slugs, Dingbats & Tramps! Printing in Santa Clara Valley (April-December 2015)
Tattooed & Tenacious: Inked Women in California’s History (March-December 2016)
Fashion to Die For: A Shopper’s Dilemma (March-December 2017)

Sign of the Times: Urban Sketches of Vintage Signs by Suhita Shirodkar (March-December 2018)

San Jose City Hall

San Jose: The Way We Were, Photos by Shirlie Montgomery (San Jose City Hall: November 2004-March 2005)
San Jose: Generations of Innovation and Diversity (San Jose City Hall: August 2005-May 2008)
In Full View: Historic and Contemporary Panoramas (San Jose City Hall: August 2005-ongoing)
Silicon Valley A to Z: 26 Stories of San Jose (San Jose City Hall: October 2005-March 2007)
Speed City: From Civil Rights to Black Power (San Jose City Hall: June 2008-March 2009)
This is San Jose Calling: Celebrating 100 Years of Radio Broadcasting (San Jose City Hall: June 2009-January 2010)
City of Champions: 2001, A San Jose Soccer Odyssey (San Jose City Hall: September 2011-November 2012)