2020-2021 Virtual Immigration Program Grant

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The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) is providing grant opportunities to teachers of grades 4-8 interested in attending History San Jose’s (HSJ) virtual Immigration program.

CHCP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1987 by Co-Chairs Lillian Gong-Guy and Gerrye Wong. It is a member-based organization whose purpose is to educate, promote and preserve Chinese and Chinese American history and culture in the Santa Clara Valley.

CHCP was responsible for reconstructing the replica 1888 Ng Shing Gung building as a museum within History Park; in 1991 the Chinese American Historical Museum was gifted to the City of San Jose community. The museum displays artifacts from the first and third Chinatowns uncovered from the San Jose Fairmont Hotel excavation; Woolen Mills Chinatown; and other contributions of the Chinese and Chinese Americans of Santa Clara Valley.

Because of the anticipated high demand, we have limited slots for the 2020-21 school year and have initiated a grant application process to help us effectively monitor the volume of grant applications and ensure a quality experience. Online registrations will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. You do NOT need to apply for the CHCP grant in order to attend the immigration school program. Only those interested in applying for grant funds are required to complete the application below. Otherwise, you need only complete the HSJ School Programs Registration Online Booking Form.

Field Trip Application Guidelines

To qualify for a field trip grant, your school must:

  1. Serve students in grades 4-8 in Santa Clara County;
  2. Submit the HSJ School Programs Registration Online Booking Form and CHCP Grant Application Form (below);
  3. If accepted for a field trip, complete and return a Virtual Field Trip Evaluation form (provided at the time of your field trip) no later than one week following the date of your virtual field trip at HSJ.

Field Trip Application Process

  1. Please complete all related applications (see above).
  2. After we receive your applications, our staff will determine virtual field trip eligibility based on schedule, staffing, and program availability.
  3. Our education staff will connect with you after you submit your applications to notify you of your field trip status, confirm your reservation request date, and provide you with a virtual field trip date.

What’s included in your Grant Funded Virtual Field Trip

  • Virtual Immigration field trip led by HSJ trained Museum Educators including a virtual visit to the Chinese American Historical Museum.

If you receive a CHCP Grant, you are responsible for

  • Returning the evaluation form within 2 weeks of your field trip.

In addition to this form, please complete and submit the HSJ School Programs Registration Online Booking Form listing your requested field trip dates. Grant applications received without the online booking form cannot be considered. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, but we hope to accommodate all those that apply.

DUE TO COVID, all 2020-2021 programs are virtual. Just answer no. If yes, you are eligible to receive a $300 bus subsidy toward your visit.
Please include how it specifically aligns with your curriculum and California State Standards as well as how this experience will aid your ability to teach about the topic of immigration
For reporting purposes only; not a requirement for grant award.
For reporting purposes only; not a requirement for grant award.